Anyone use Upcloud and have issues?


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Linode have similar block storage options and pricing as DO. The difference being it's a network attached SSD storage separate from the VPS volume and it's fantastic for allocating set amounts of additional space for a set cost, whilst being very flexible in expanding that attached storage size from really small to very large amounts without increasing the cost of the VPS itself.


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@Sim did a nice tutorial for Linode users to directly attach a block storage volume into their Linode's file system, which can then be used to store attachments. It's compelling and highly cost effective for us forum owners who only need a fairly small VPS config, but have larger storage needs.

Right now I'm paying $7.50 a month for a 75GB block volume, which I have about half-full. Plenty of overhead for the next few years, and of course expandable if/when I need it.

More here: