Anyone know any good digital distribution websites?


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Currently I use

It works well. I upload a file, set a price, and thats it. Its very simple, doesn't have any shopping carts or anything, just a direct link for quick checkouts. I don't have to install any software or manage my own website.

However, with it comes a few problems.

  • It doesn't handle updates!
Each person who buys a product gets a download link that they can use 3 times, and after they are used, thats it. Now if I upload a new version for one of my digital goods, it has no way in contacting previous buyers to issue them new download links with the new version.
They can use the old download links to download the new version, but they will not be informed that a new version is even available, and once all 3 downloads are used, they can no longer download new versions. I can re-issue a download link with 3 new downloads, but it has to be done manually.
  • There is no way to create "ghost" (proxy) purchases.
Lets say someone doesn't have paypal, and they give me $20 in person to buy a product. I can not create a "fake" purchase in order to submit them download links to their email.
  • There is no way to search for purchases by product.
I would like to be able to see all users who bought specific products.

So does anyone know of any good digital distribution services that offer these features?
I would also prefer it to be a flat monthly fee, rather than a percentage charge.