Anyone have Jon W's email address?


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Haven't heard from him in a while and need to check on something.

His ForumCake site loads, but cannot access any part of it as it's in shutdown or maintenance mode.

If you have an email, that would be great.

@Jon W - are you out there?

He's usually on a bit more often, but haven't seen him not reply like this. Been a while...

Well he did sell off his business. I have a feeling there is a reason for that. Probably to do with time? I never read the announcement. Im not familiar but im guessing this is a newer project of his that he is still pursuing?

Edit: I see he mentioned its on a part time basis.
He was working on a small addon for me, doing a great job on it too, but we're getting close to our "deadline" and just haven't heard back in a while.

No complaints, just looking for a faster way to contact.
Haven't heard back from him yet. Hope everything is OK with him!!

If anyone talks to him, send him my way please.

It's clear he's gone and doesn't want to be contacted. All you can do is follow the instructions on his profile message and hope for the best. Just another example of why I'm not a fan of paying for add ons. Too many people doing this and zero consumer comeback.
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