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There are some forums that I myself have been a member of, some have offered if you want to choose to disconnect your email address to your account. There is a reason why nothing is safe, if a hacker should come across the database and that someone, for example, bra.pitt@gmail.com registered at his personal email address, it can be bad for the forum. I am from Europe and here Europe is very tough with GDPR and what you can store from people. But that is a bit briefly explained by what I mean and not my question about GDPR. Is it possible to have such a function that if you want your email address linked to your account or not? I know there may be problems with password reset but that's another issue. Maybe someone who can do an add-ons?
There are plenty of services out there for people to use disposable or single-use email addresses which are designed for specifically this purpose.
It does for sure but I'm looking for something smooth. Should I urge my users to register at other email addresses? It would not work, you understand that too.
Exactly what problem are you trying to solve? Privacy?

If users don't want to use their personal email - let them use an anonymous email service.
If they don't care, there is no problem.

What is smoother than this?

You don't need to urge them to do anything - they already have all of the options they need.

Any solution which allows users to register without an email address is going to add huge amounts of complexity to both you and the users. That will be the opposite of smooth.

"I know there may be problems with password reset but that's another issue"

That's not "another issue" that is THE issue.

You can't move ahead with this until you've solved that problem - how are you going to handle critical transactional communication with your users if they don't use email? Solve that first before you look to a solution for not requiring email addresses.
If possible, users can choose not to have an email account linked to their account. My question can be answered very easily, Yes or No. Or maybe someone can do an add-ons.
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