Anyone Have Experience with SEMRush?


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Does anyone have experience with SEMRush? I have some website issues I need to straighten out...and it has been suggested that I open an SEMRush some SEMRush website scans...then dig into the details to figure things out. SEMRush does have a 7-day free trial period...but then the monthly charges start at $119.95/month (an amount that's really not in the budget).

Since I'm always learning (not an expert in this sort of thing) might take me a while to find the solutions to the issues...which is why a 7-day free trial may not be enough time.

  • Is SEMRush worth it?
  • Is there a way to use SEMRush past the 7-day trial period without paying $119.95/month (maybe a lesser monthly charge or extending the free trial period)?
  • Is/are there less costly alternatives to SEMRush...but still basically just as good?

Thanks for any help:)

p.s. FYI. I've already posted a thread here regarding the main issue I'm trying to solve...but really haven't come up with any solutions. Thus trying a different approach with the SEMRush idea.

Max Fridman

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SEMRush is a good tool, but maybe you can use another one to fix your issues, for example Google Search Console can be useful as much as SEMRush if used properly.

If you are learning, practice with the free tools at your disposal, the analytics tools are costly and effective as much as the user knows how to use them in the first place.

As you said you don't have the budget to afford SEMRush to learn how to use it without wasting money.