Anyone else having issues with users and @BTInternet emails?


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I've got the bounced email feature in use on my site. I get non-stop complaints from users with @btinternet accounts. They are constantly being blocked.

Looking at the log, I see many of these errors.

<****>: host[] refused
    to talk to me: 554 Service not available -
    access denied

Not sure if I can extend the timeout on my mail server or if this is just a s**t service BT are providing :(

Anyone else get these issues?
grey listing?

It never goes through. If they reset it to a gmail one then it's ok. As soon as they set it back to that BT one then it fails.
if they set it to another bt one then it works.

If I send an email from gmail to his BT one then it is ok.

if I ping the domain ( from my machine it resolves to the same IP my mail server is whining about so it's not a node-in-the-cloud-died thing (I don't think...)
It is a method of anti-spam. Wiki has a good article on it.

I use it as well because it prevents spam email for the most part. Spam bots don't hold a mail queue, so if it fails it does not retry. Where as a proper isp will hold the mail and attempt to re-send for several days.

here is mailchimp transaction stats for BT mail.


ah, so you saying it's BT greylisting me?

Thanks - I'll read the article and follow up on it.


I can see the mail in my mail server's queue for days to some BT addresses so it does retry.
I have a lot of users who also have a BT address and they're fine. It seems to be individual addresses...
I've googled btinternet email issues and yeah some massive threads on bt website about not being able to send mail not even to Gmail.

Could be a fault with a batch of servers hosting those addresses.

You could reach out to bt or you could do something more enjoyable like beating your hand with a hammer...

I had awful issues with outlook / Microsoft thus why I pay mail chimp.

I'll have to change that strategy as mail volume increases.
It happened to me in respect of two bt users. It occurred for a couple of days (approx July 28) and suddenly seem to be fixed a couple of days later.

This was via Amazon SES SMTP, but it was odd because a test email from my Mac mail account got though fine (using the same Amazon SMTP outgoing server) - the issue was just with forum notifications.
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