Anybody think 1.2 is a little slow?

I converted a vb 4.2.1 forum to xf 1.2 recently and with VB my Google webmaster tools crawl stats page showed between 170 to 190ms for time spent downloading a page and since the conversion to xenforo 1.2 it has been showing between 60ms to 80ms with no spikes above 80ms. This is mainly due to the size of the page but apart from the size I do see a decrease in page generation time. This is all on the same server with no changes.


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No issues with XenForo Community here; it's definitely something on your end.
any reason casued this? 1.1.4 has a mobile skin, vb4.2.1 also have default mobile skin, 1.2 doesn't have one, is it the reason slow down loading the pages? on desktop or ipad, they are fine,


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Now that you mention it, the 1.36s load time was a little sluggish. @Mike needs to hurry things along a little!

But in honesty, no, it must be something your end. It's been as quick as normal.
I just use my iphone 4s loading this page, still slower than vb4.2.1 on a mobile skin, is it time for xenforo design a default mobile skin optimized for smart phones?



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for example
try to use your iphone broswering
www., I believe their forum is based on vb4, I personally think it is faster than xenforo community


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Even with the ImageMagick-heavy custom application on our site, it's still significantly faster than phpBB ever was. And I've never ever heard of anyone complaining about how XenForo is slower than pretty much anything else before, so I'm finding it difficult to believe the software is at fault here.