Anybody has experience with FORUMCAST?


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Hmm i was hoping to find a post on the subject with some meat.. anyone? Forumcast, Good? Bad? Ugly? whats the scoop?
According to their "fine print", your forum needs to adhere to IAB Quality:

Content level transparency
The network or exchange provides the advertiser information about the type of content surrounding its inventory.
  • The following content classifications are not permitted per AdSense Policy:
    • Extreme Graphic/Explicit Violence
    • Pornography
    • Profane Content
    • Hate Content
  • Advertisers have the option to exclude the following content classifications at any time during their campaign:
    • Crime, Policy & Emergency
    • Death & Tragedy
    • Military & International Conflict
    • Juvenile, Gross & Bizarre Content
    • Profanity & Rough Language
    • Sexually Suggestive Content
    • In-Video Content
    • In-Video (user embedded videos)
    • In-Game Content
    • Error Pages
    • Parked Domains
    • Forums
    • Pages with Significant Image Content
    • Social Networks
    • Pages with Significant Video Content
    • Below the Fold
    • Non-AdPlanner 1000
    • Non Brand Select
  • Google does not provide explicit exclusions for the following content classifications:
    • User Generated Content (UGC)
    • Unmoderated UGC
    • Privacy policy
LOL I like how it has forums listed, Google really hates us don't they :p