XF 2.1 Any way to make "Account upgrades" page viewable to public?


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This "page" is pretty robust with our descriptions for all the upgrades (memberships).

I understand they must be logged in to purchase but the URL is accessible at: domain.com/account/upgrades

I have created a menu tab for this page (works great for those logged in). Instead of creating a Page node which would essentially be a duplicate of this page linking to it, is there any way to allow the public to see this account page and when they click the Purchase button, then it asks them to login?

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piggy back on this idea.
Is there any way for us to link directly to a specific upgrade when we have multiple upgrades. I know each upgrade has an ID but I only seen the way to go to the upgrade page where it shows all upgrades.


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Found this thread by google; for those trying to do this it is now possible via the admin cp by going to Setup > Navigation > Public Navigation and adding a tab linking to the upgrades

I put
{{ link('account/upgrades') }}
in the link field


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This is not possible out of the box.

But you could try the attached Add-on.

As always: No warranty whatsoever, use at you own risk!

I had some disabled Account Upgrade types, and they showed up for non-logged in guests with this add-on. Not sure if that would be an easy fix if you had time.