XF 1.1 Any way to combine usergroup styling?

Is there anyway to have usergroup styling combine rather than overwrite?

By this, I mean if we have a usergroup that gives users a red username, another that gives users a bold username, another that gives them a larger avatar, etc, it would be great if we could just tick and add them to each of those usergroups and have all the changes apply. Instead, they would only have the change for the highest priority username. We'd have to create a separate usergroup for "red, bold, big avatar", "red, not bold, big avatar", "red, bold, normal avatar", etc. As you can imagine, once these options start increasing the number of usergroups required quickly becomes unmanageable.

This actually works even way back in VB3. If you give a user a red username in one usergroup and a bold username in another they end up with a bold red username. Any way to make XF function like this, even if it's a hack?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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You would have to modify this function:


The returned HTML needs to include classes for each of the user's groups instead of just the display group. This obviously requires some coding ability.