Any Way to Change How Subforums Display on the Homepage?


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Just wondering if there's an option (one I didn't spot in the demo!) that will allow subforums to display the more "traditional" way, with their titles spelled out beneath their parent forums, or if the current drop-down node is the only way to do it? I've got a LOT of subforums, many more than probably 99% of other forums out there, and I'm a little worried that users will get aggravated having to bring up the current menu and and scroll their mouse pointer down a list of dozens of subforums looking for the right one to click each time they want to access that part of the forum. Not that it would be terribly difficult, I suppose, but people can be very opposed to change and this one has me concerned. I've spent a lot of time comparing Xenforo to IPB, for which I already own a license, and it hadn't occurred to me till now that something like this, unfortunately, might be a deciding factor in my choosing which one to go with. ;(



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Hey Shelley that's superb.
You're so divine how you can do this.
I think the other place I asked about this was on the RM thread for the hack that shows subforums in columns. Where you also did sterling work to beautify.

I think for me the line borders on this new delight are too sharp and closed. I can see how on many boards this would look cool and clean though.
Maybe you could just put a note with it how to css none? - that is both the main container border, and the cute little boxes around each one.

Any chance of including the sprite icons? Mini sized maybe. I love my star sprites.
Note it is possible to build great navig by including linkforums here so the sprites would need mini versions of the 2 bubble icons and the linkforum one. (My sprites make linkforums look the same only of course they dont reflect unread.)

Scuse poor quality mockup.
Subforums level2.png
I would like to make subforums and subcatagories look the same as first level forums, but just indented with a smaller unread image like this:

Is this possible and what would be needed to implement it?
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Thanks EQnoble,
I'm still doing feature comparison between Xenforo and another forum, If I go with Xenforo, I'll do that. Just curious, how long did that take?

Making that? Probably less than 30 minutes since it's just messing with CSS.
Took about 20 seconds actually since I had already made this change for someone before (something very similar and related to the node list) and knew exactly what I wanted to change, when something comes up that I haven't had to change yet it usually takes more time to figure what needs changing rather than making the change itself which takes just seconds.


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Heh, I just came across this thread. I'm replying because recently I accidentally set my forum up this way while testing an add-on I am currently working on. To achieve that look does not take any add-on or template editing. The only thing you may want to edit is to add a class to indent the sub-forums list (to show they are sub-forums, if you want), and to remove/style the empty category container.

It actually looks really good, IMO, and would work well for those forums that do not have tons of sub-forums. An upside is that you can see the last post of each sub-forum right on forum home.

You got to respect the power of the node.