Any way for MS Sql Compatibility?


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Hello - I am looking for forum software that we can use with our existing MS Sql Server. The reasons are for server mirroring and frankly, the MS Sql Server management studio is fantastic. I can't seem to find anything nearly as good with MySql. I also like the fact you can automate tasks in MsSql.

Will this forum work with MsSql? Or is it strictly MySql?

Thanks in advance and it looks like lovely software, even though there is no real feature list on the web site.

I have other questions that I wish they would address on the web site:
  • File storage - can you choose where?
  • Photos - are they uploaded or do you have to link to an image?
  • Can you choose to allow people to post without registering?
I am also curious about database size. For instance, this forum - can you tell me what the database size is?

I currently use JitBit's AspNet forum. I receive almost no spam, it's lightning fast (though this one is, too) and the overhead is minimal, but the features are a bit spartan and lacking. It's not nearly as nice as this software. I chose it because it was made for use with MS Sql Server. Thanks in advance.

By the way, if a sales person wants to contact me, please give me a call. Phone number is in the revision.


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It's only MySQL. There are no plans to support any other databases currently.

Adam Howard

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Interesting to note that MySQL works fine on Windows and it is possible to convert a MS SQL database to MySQL.