Any sort of roadmap for Xenforo 2.3 ?


Please worry about your own forum and your own members.
I've seen you make similar comments on vb's site.
I'm surprised that the admins have not bothered to suspend your account because of your condescending attitude towards their forum.
Please stop this - snap out of it if you will.

Good to see the first HYS. Looking forward to all the other goodies coming our way.
Yes, of course, xf is the best (also because the alternatives can be counted on the fingers of one hand) and in fact I use it (in reality I also use IPB) but this does not exclude the fact that it does not allow you to interact with your users and therefore it is like have a Ferrari but live in the countryside without roads.

But people care about the dark default theme...

They are not allowed to use the gallery. Only some. It's intentional. Anyway, I tried both vBulletin and phpBB and I used IPB. XenForo is the best for me at the moment.
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Reading your comments, I understand why XP developers haven't wasted time releasing interesting features for years...
When I read the comments of some of you, I understand that your forums are so small and rarely attended that you have no idea of the needs of highly frequented communities...
After 4 years they give you (since the fact that you pay an annual renewal is a gift for you) very small changes to the core and a theme that also becomes dark and you all get excited...

Or some of us build apps that don't even use the forum feature that has a large user base and brings in large amount of revenue utilizing core functionality in XenForo along with making A TON of custom modifications.

If you need something specific, build it. The devs have a roadmaps that needs to appeal to the masses and their overall internal plans.
I thought for sure by now we would have had people in here complaining that there is no information about Xenforo 4.0 yet, and that the Devs are slacking. You guys are really falling behind.
@Recep Baltaş i'll give you just one example of how your forum doesn't involve your users...
You have more than 500k users, you have the gallery plugin installed and your users have uploaded 221 images and added 138 comments.
Now you will tell me that the gallery is not a section that is of much interest to your users but... how many millions of images are uploaded to social media every day?
Now you will also tell me that your users directly upload images to posts... sure but the fact remains that more than 500k users have uploaded 221 to your gallery.
But you're not interested in improving and keeping up with social media anyway and xenforo is perfect like that!
We only have 329 members, but have uploaded almost 400 images just in 1 year alone. What’s your point? Every hobby group is different…
I'll tell you a secret... freedom of speech exists...
Not at XenForo.

Freedom of speech is an American right against the American government. It does not protect you against private citizens or private companies.
Also, XenForo is a privately held company in England. So, either way, your argument is moot on all fronts. You don't have freedom of speech on this website.

Anyhow, seems your just trolling at this point... After several attempts of people trying to explain more features are coming to 2.3, you seem to just skip over that.
Freedom of speech isn't an American concept. ;)
True, but he is otherwise correct. Things like the US First Amendment (Canada's Charter of Rights has a similar clause) protect against government abridgement of free speech, not a private board having rules about posting.

And I want Xenforo Vista, damn it, whatever version that is. :oops:
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