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XF 1.5 Any reason why only H1 tags on threads?


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Before I post this in the AddOns requests forum, I wanted to pick the brains of the XF developers:

I am kind of on an SEO kick right now, and so looking at any creative ways to improve rankings for my forum threads.

I had always assumed that the Category and Forum titles (which appear in the breadcrumbs at the top of every thread) - would have H tags around them. They are great keyword-rich and important titles that might really help with ranking.

When I checked, I found that there is only one H tag on the page, and its the thread title.

Was there any functional / operational limitation / logic / SEO disadvantage to putting more H tags on the page, or making the breadcrumbs H tags? Having an H2, H3 for those might be a great way to improve google rankings.
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