XF 1.2 Any price on user upgrade?


What I'd like to do is do something special for anybody who donates any amount that they want. If they donate $1.00, great, I love them and I want them to have a special title or something. I don't want to force someone to pay more or less than they wish to pay at any given time

Do I need to set up a separate user upgrade for each price, or is there a way to have a user-enterable custom amount on the payment page?

Alternatively, is there a different function besides user upgrades that would allow me to just direct XenForo to add someone to a usergroup based on any incoming PayPal IPN?


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You would need to setup user upgrades. There's no way to do automatic handling of this any other way.

That said, depending on your expected volume, you might be able to just do donations directly with PayPal and then manually change the users that donate as needed.


Thanks, Mike

I went both ways - set up a few stock prices for user upgrades, and then gave people a regular donate button with which they can specify any amount, and the instruction to contact us if they'd like any extra goodies.