Any Military Veterans Here?

Are You or Have You Been in Military Service?

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Just came from the VA for checkup. For years I've been going to the VA without using travel pay. I didn't know they paid you to go there until recently. I can't believe I could've been compensated for 30 miles each time wow. Anyway I noticed the veterans that I do know of on here like @Sheldon and @bobster65 here do post sorta differently from regular posters.

The poll options do not strictly have to be for the US since there is Royal Air Force, Royal Army and Royal Navy etc. So if Royal Air Force just choose Air Force for example.
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Noooooo I wasn't done adding options!!!

I hit post so fast wtf. I hate this keyboard.

I wanted to add stuff like 'no, I'm a terrorist'.


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I was typing 'National Guard' before I accidentally hit post.

Was also gonna add:

National Guard
Other Military
Freedom Fighter
Military Contractor
Private Military
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I will have to create a new poll and ask the mod to merge it with this thread. On the phone with a customer at the moment.

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Gatta admit though USAA has one of the nicest banking sites out there, features and looks :D
Yeap that they do. Other banks rob you using the ATM though. So I normally just buy something at the store and get cash back as no fees then. I think only bank to put out a quarterly magazine too.