Any http to https move recently?


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I'm planning this move in the coming months, but would like to know if some of you have made this change and what was your experience regarding the time to recover, direct and organic traffic, ads revenue, etc!

I have moved twice, first from vB to IPB and then to XF and the first one was a disaster, so I'm very cautious about this!

Google will force this for sure in January with the announcement of Chrome 56 and if the decide to place a red triangle in the browser this will be a go for sure:

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I did it in November.

I don't have anything to contribute other than xenforo makes it pretty easy.

I also switched to cloudflare and pay the $20 which is about the cost of a cert.

Let's encrypt, is of course free and is supported by major server control panels.

It was uneventful other than the smug feeling of having that green lock.

Advertising, on Adsense no change.

Other ad networks, should be giving notice of when they expect to be full SSL.

I also configured my server (and cloudflare) to redirect to ssl.

Your case will be different if it is anything more than just the forums of course.

Mr Lucky

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I did it about six months ago. Very straightforward. Adsense down about 40% :( but that isn't a big deal as I am gradually switching to direct sponsorship which is more lucrative anyway.

But since xenforo 1.5.10 the Proxy image issue is bad news for any images with redirects, as mentioned on a couple of other threads.

I also moved my Wordpress site, I had to search and replace quite a few image URLs but that wasn't a big deal. Same issue with adsense there, but an advantage is being able to use Stripe.

We have to assume/hope that Adsense will gradually improve and given that info re: Chrome (along with rumoured SEO disadvantages to http) I think it is inevitable sites are going to have to. I just hope that it won' apply to sites that don't collect any logins but still need a login from an admin. e.g. I have wordpress sites that do not allow registration. They are small sites and I don' want the hassle of switching them to https as well.

But for my main sites I welcome the move, along with the green padlock smugness.


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My ecpm has never been better...

This year is 6 million page views less, but I'll turn over more. .

I'll add that I do not know the circumstances of Mr lucky.

And his ecpm may be double mine again which would be awful to lose 40%!
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I switched to HTTPS and it's been great. I don't seem to have lost any income, but I am largely funded by user upgrades rather than ads.


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I switched to HTTPS a month back, and it went smooth! I have no ADS running, so wont have any issues on that topic.
Changed my htaccess, my host installed the certificate and I added the https sites in Google Webmaster.

Couple of days later, hits were comming in. I also updated the sitemap, but its still not 100% Complete. That ones takes a bit I assume.


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@kaieivindm have you notice any changes in your organic and direct traffic in this month?

I had a Facebook campaign during this month that might skew the results a bit.

But in general I am seeing 10-12% organic traffic, and around 35-45% Direct hits this month and the previous month.
Still only 70% of my links are picked up again, from the sitemap.

What I actually see as most improvement is referrals, which I dont understand. But they also changed my http to https links at their end.