any convert assistance for IPB?


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I'm not sure how this can be done. Currently on IPB 3.1.4. I don't have vB so I don't think I can convert to it. MySQL data for my forum is around 690MB. Any advise?


Yeah, we offer a service at least until XenForo limited offers an official script because we understand that people might not have the time themselves to do it, or the experience, or the resources. We have a dedicated server and experience to do it, and once we get the .sql, we convert using our own script and return the xenforo .sql and otherwise a refund. Plain and simple.

Helping users can't be a bad thing.


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Ill Second the XenFans Convert services. I used them and am very happy with the end result and extra services they provided me.. For the record my Convert was vB4.0.x to XF Beta 3 not IPB, but with the money back guarantee, minus a small service charge, it was one less thing i had to put on my plate.