Any artist here?

Adam Howard

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So does anyone here have any digital art skills? Just wondering.

I've seen people do crazy thing with Microsoft Paint and sat there wondering how they did it. Paint to me is only good for using as a clipboard or for simple fixes, but mostly I use GIMP which is the free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

I'm not so good at making new things, but I've got a mildly good skill at editing and tweaking designs. For fun I made the attached (ruff draft), which is a merger of Netscape, Firefox, Opera, and Camino web browsers. The only two I'm missing is Apple Safari and Google Chrome, which I couldn't figure out how to add and make it look natural.

So does anyone here know how to make art or maybe edit things? Do you ever play with digital art?

Sure, I understand we have some web designers here, but tweaking around code and adding rounded color boarders (images) isn't so much what I'm asking.