Another vBulletin 4.2 to XenForo Conversion



I am thinking about vB 4.2 to XF conversion and would like to learn more about the following issues:

1) Ad serving by weight - For multiple advertisers #1, #2, #3 and if I want #1 to have 50%, #2 to have 25% and #3 to have 25% of available imprints, is this possible with built in or add-on ad manager?

2) Would vB's "Post thanks" counters covert over to XF's " like" ? This is an important requirement for conversion and is a show stopper if cannot be done.

3) Can the importer/converter preserve all vB 4.2 URLs for forums and posts? (e.g. ). In another words, can all vB URL be preserved after the conversion to XF? Preferrably without URL rewrite/redirect? The preserved URL, would allow all of the embedded URLs in posts to be relevant and Google will not need to reindex.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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1) That sounds like a job for Google DFP

2) There is an importer for this, yes. I have converted mine.

3) The URL's are not preserved, but there are redirects, therefore you wouldn't have any issues. I have converted numerous vb forums and redirects do the job perfectly fine.
Thank you Dakis.

1) Actually, I am currently using DFP and trying to move away from it to the builtin XF's ad manager/add-on. I am trying to move away from DFP due to many adblock browser addon blocking DFP url.

2) Great to hear the "Thank you" counter will covert over successfully.

3) How about the post URL references in quotes/posts (links inside posts) ?


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I understand what you're saying about DFP, but to be honest I am not sure if there are any xf addons that do what you want, plus the people that have adblock will block your ads no matter how you serve them.

Regarding the links inside posts, again you don't care since the people clicking on them will be redirected to the proper URL through your redirection scripts. ;)