Another permissions question


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I have one forum that I need special permissions on but I am not quite sure how to implement them.

The forum is available to all members to contact our moderation team.

Every user can create threads and see answers to those threads however they cannot see anyone else's threads and answers. The moderation team however can see and reply to evryones threads. Guests can't see the forum at all.

My mind has gone blank on how to set this up......


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Revoke access for guests.
Allow access for registered members but revoke View threads by others.
Allow View threads by others for moderators.


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Just and addendum to this, I would like to thank Brogan for his resource on setting up permissions. All my users were initially registered users and this made setting this permission set easy. Registered members had thread view by others revoked, mods and admin had allow set and it all works just dandy for everyone.

Thanks Brogan!!!