XF 2.2 Node permissions question - "No" is behaving like "Never"?


I'm setting up a new Xenforo forum (imported from VBulletin) and hoping you can help me wrap my head around this.

This is the Analyze Permissions result for a given user for a given node called "General Discussions".


My understanding of permission hierarchy is that YES supercedes NO, and NEVER supercedes YES. The user in question is a member of two usergroups. Since they have an inherited YES permission through usergroup 2, why is the overall permission NO?

I have a workaround for this one, but I'd like to understand the hierarchy better as I set them up for more complex nodes.
I may have answered my own question while configuring a more complex node group.

This permission only got flipped to YES after I explicitly set a usergroup to YES for that node.


So I think it sounds like:
YES supersedes NO
NEVER supersedes YES
NO supersedes INHERIT

In retrospect this may be a better design, it just requires me to rethink how I am configuring these groups. :)
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