XF 1.3 Node Permissions question

I have a need to create a temporary forum where only one certain UG can see the node, except one single member, and he is in that UG. To make it easier to understand what I'm after - I am taking up some donations for flowers for this member's wife (who is very ill) and we do not want him to know obviously. Flowers are cheap but many members want to feel part of the gift so I am accepting $1 donations so those who want to be part of it can.

I think I can do this, but I always have trouble with permissions/UGs?node permissions etc. and just want to be sure that he cannot see the forum, and that guests cannot see it. Only the one UG I designate - to which he belongs, but from which I can exclude him.


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Set it as a private node, grant the permission for the user group, set it to Never for the individual member.