Another Gallery Question

Hey all, yes another gallery question. I've been looking at other threads all night and most of this morning.

I have a IPB board, with a blog and gallery. I'm not fussed about the blog but i am with the gallery.

Is there really no way to move over to xenForo and move my gallery over too? It's one of the main features my members pay for. So if they don't have it anymore, i would have a large amount of paying members who don't have what they paid for, so i cannot lose the gallery.

I'm hoping there is just something i have missed, as i am desperate to move over to xenForo!


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Sorry but there is no official gallery for XenForo. There is an add-on in the works, but won't be available for quite a while yet, it seems.
You might try photopost. They have coded theirs to work with XenForo.


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Gallery stalled me for a while from moving over to Xenforo too. There's currently no real gallery solutions for Xenforo yet, let alone converting from IPB. The best one right now IMO is the user album add on. Not quite the same, but it's there.

At the end I moved anyway and activities in my forum really sky-rocketed. To the point I don't even miss the gallery at all.
I would love to just up and move, but i have say 200+ paying members who paid to use the gallery. If i take that away from them, they won't be happy! So i really cannot move until i can import the gallery over into another script.

Does anyone know if the photopost pro script imports from IPB?

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