XF 1.4 Animated Smileys not uploading


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I upgraded to 1.4.0 from 1.2.5 , my animated smileys went away and now will not show up when trying to add them back.

It will show the correct file name when imported and correct name in text editor and smiles list. ,but comes up as a broken image. Tried moving images to another folder and no luck, also some stock smileys show checked tp show up but do not show in text editor. the animated are in GIF format smiles PNG.
I even tried uploading the stock smilies same broken image.

This occurred after upgraded to 1.4.0 from 1.2.5 was working prior

Thank You


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If you're seeing a broken image, that would likely imply that the image files themselves are missing. XF doesn't do anything to upload or touch custom smilie images.


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I reloaded a few times and eventually showed , not sure why. I had other broken images upon the upgrade which were resolved.
Guess it was a server or some glitch in the DB on my end. All see fine now.