XF 1.3 Animated gif's in avatars

Hey there!

I've got a problem on our xenforo installation with the display of .gif images. They seem to work fine on the profile but they break everywhere else.
Like on the sidebar, in taigachat shoutbox, recent posts, donations, etc..

The below picture is an example for clearification. On the top left you see the .gif fine (ofc it is not animated in this image). However, the 'postings' tab show a broken image placeholder. What could be the reason for this?

Hmm...hold on. It could related to a permission issue I had on the host filesystem which might have lead to the image not being stored correctly in the database.
There are some strange things like his avatar being completely different depending on looking at it in the ACP or looking at it on his profile page.

So even though I've said it's effecting multiple users, which is true, it still might be related to this permission issue a while ago.
I deleted this one avatar and told the user to reupload it. If that fixes it then I know it's nothing with xenforo itself.

So for now just ignore this thread. Either I'll come back to it in a few days or the problem solved itself.

Thx for the quick reply!

PS: We are using ImageMagick.