XF 1.1 Android ICS Browser Crashes


I have a few users who are having problems logging into the site from their Android Tablets running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with their default browsers.

Whenever they tap the log-in menu, they get the drop down window where they should enter their username and password. However, according to them, the browser becomes "laggy" and eventually crashes/force stops the browser.

Dolphin for Pad has the same issue they said, but no problems on Opera Mobile. I asked them to check see if they could get the pull down here at xenforo, and they said they had the same issues.

Any suggestions? Is there a setting they should set on their Androids?

Sadik B

Well-known member
AFAIK out of the box there is no support for mobile devices. Though, browsing xf.com on Dolphin on Android 2.3.4 HTC Sense 3 works fine for me. It may be an ICS incompatibility. ICS isn't that widely supported yet.

I would recommend you though to install the XF Stop mobile devices skin and see how that performs.