Browser issue Thread Creation: Browser Crashes when moving to the next field (Galaxy S3 native) - Android 4.1


Could you please help resolve the following issue?
When using Galaxy S3 Native the browser crashes during the thread creation.

Here is some more info:

Version: Xenforo 1.3

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Go to the site
  2. Login
  3. Go to any forum
  4. Create new thread
  5. Type in the title of the thread
  6. Press NEXT on the device keyboard

Actual result: The browser freezes and crashes a moment after.

Expected result : The user is navigated to the next field he needs to complete

Metin Galimidi


XenForo developer
Staff member
Can you reproduce this here?

I don't have an S3, but I haven't reproduced this in any other Android device I've tried. Can anyone else reproduce this?
Thanks Brogan. Which version of Android are you using on S3 please?

Here are some more details that could help to pin point when/on which devices this issue happens

I checked on Chrome on the same device (can't happen - no NEXT button)
I checked on Nexus 7 Chrome (can't happen - no NEXT button)
I checked on Acer Iconia tablet (can't happen - no NEXT button)
I checked on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Chrome (can't happen - no NEXT button)
I checked on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Native (it happened)
the issue is probably limited to the native Samsung Android 4.1 browser


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Confirmed that the default browser crashes on Android 4.1.2.

I use Chrome on all of my Android devices though so it's not an issue for me.


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I've spent some time trying to debug this and unfortunately I'm not able to identify the specific cause. It is editor related, but it does get triggered if the editor has been disabled on the page (but not if it was disabled and not loaded). At this point, I'd have to guess that the system for focusing the editor's iframe is triggering it, combined with a bug that doesn't ignore it when the iframe is hidden, but I'm not totally clear. This is deep within the OEM-specific code as programmatically focusing via JS doesn't appear to have any issues.

Unfortunately, identifying the devices in question by user agent is very tricky. There may be a model number in some cases, though there are a huge number of applicable model numbers and variations.

This is going to have to be considered a browser issue for now.