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Hello all,
Im building a forum devoted to android world (Myself being a custom rom developer)where users are free to ask their question,post guides and scripts for android development etc...I have have edited a skin developed by microsuck which is basically a darkened skin of default xf skin.I made a few color edits of my liking.It is almost complete and only few places need some work.I would like to hear some positive criticism and suggestion to make it better.

I again say the skin is yet to be complete and I need bugs and suggestion as I said earlier.Just opened the forum for public as to allow ppl to go through the skin.

My site:

Hope people would like it and give positive criticism.


Ernest L. Defoe

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If you are running a site geared towards Android I would suggest using the green from the Android logo since you are asking about colors. Use some green and white and black.


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I thried android green but it doesnt fit well with by bg...Its too light to be able to be read.I would try holo blue because I have seen many sites using blue for their darker background.Thanks for your suggestion and let me come back after trying :)