And 'possible to move from one forum to MyBB XenForo?

Tracy Perry

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Hello to all,

I wanted to know if there is a way to move from one forum to MyBB created in a forum created in xenForo, bringing users, threads and all the rest of the forum.

I await your response.

@Mike @Brogan @Jake Bunce
I did... but what I ended up doing was converting to phpBB3 (since I don't have a <cough - cough> vB license) then into xF. I think there was a deal with the passwords (done it awhile ago and don't really remember) but @Jake Bunce will know for sure.

Tracy Perry

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What is your source forum? MyBB? It's unclear.
Yeah, I sped read over it... and he's not clear on what forum he's on. I "ass"umed it was myBB, but reading it again it sounds like
1) On an unknown forum software
2) Moved to myBB
3) Created a forum? then Created a forum in xF?