Anchor link goes after DIV in Chrome ?


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I'll try to explain this as well as I can,

When using Chrome for Windows, it seems to me that the "last unread links" (using #anchors) goes not BEFORE the last DIV (if the last unread message is the last one) but just AFTER the DIV ( the message you're supposed to read is above the menu bar, you ahve to scroll up)

This seems to only affect the LAST message ( if the anchor tragets some message 2 or 3 messages baove the last one, this "bug" does not occur)

Is that a behaviour someone else has seen ? Is it only my own layout ? Is it a know bug maybe ? Am I insane ? :) I looked at the source code, there's nothing special about the DIVs, the ACHORS, or the last DIV... Just seems to be a bug between chrome and my XF install...


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I can replicate this even here
Trying this URL
(Currently 504872 is the last post)
The browser goes to a random position when page is fully loaded. It goes straight to #504872 at first, and then when the editor loads, it "jumps" right at the start of the page. (It probably randomly jumps anywhere : sometimes it goes someplace else)

Sometimes you have to reload a dozen of times for this to happen. it's really weird.

so it's not just my install. I disabled all fancy extensions too. This is stock Chrome.

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I don't think you can do much about that. The exact position of the anchor can change depending on the size of inline images and such. Most browsers will anchor again once the page has finished loading. But ultimately this is a browser function, not a XenForo one.


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I would consider this as a bug honnestly. XF is the only forum affected in the ones I use.
It must be some download arriving "out of order" and something that can be fixed if one takes this request into account.

It might as well "fix itself" with a new v1.2 /v.2.0 layout...

But there IS something wrong in the current layout as far as Chrome loading and anchors are concerned.