An RSS type pop-up widget


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Hey guys,

I know this isn't probably a native feature that XF must have but it would be a nice addition via an addon or even as a core feature. I paired XF and WP as forum and front respectively. The only thing that misses this type of CMS + forum combo is the option to display on the forum site, a widget (maybe pop-up) that displays the latest x articles from the front...mainly, a RSS reader.

Here's an example that may illustrate this: (just scroll down the page a bit, you'll notice a bottom right popup).

I know I can do this via widgets in XF and add one on the sidebar but to be honest, it will eat up space and this version is more elegant. I searched for a add-on that does a similar thing and I came up empty handed. Before taking this to the paid request forum, do you guys have any ideas or know any addon i may have missed, that does something similar?

Thanks alot