XF 1.2 An Option to View Members Reading a Thread?


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Just curious. I've gotten used to this, having used SMF for the last several years: an option for the admin to allow members to see others members reading a thread either by username or just number of viewers. Is there a similar option somewhere in Xenforo that I haven't found yet?


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There's no option in XenForo but I have written an add-on for it. There's no current release date for that yet but should be soon.
Thanks for the quick reply, Chris. I'll keep an eye out for your addon, hopefully you'll be able to release it soon. I'm finding that it's often the little features we take for granted that Xenforo is missing, not "deal-breakers" for the most part, but they're things you miss when they're gone. ;)

Chris D

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Yeah that's probably fine.

Mine does a lot more than that and displays the info differently.

But yeah. Dbtech stuff is good.