Duplicate An Official Xenforo Dark Theme

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You all are missing the point of my post. I am suggesting an official default dark theme to match the default theme
Yeah it's been suggested many times over the years. You can either grow old waiting or utilize one of the many free themes. Or even design your own. xenforo makes that easy. Nobody missed the point, we've seen it before.
There are many custom styles that offer a similar ability to switch between styles (specifically in my case light & dark)... most of PixelExit's by @Russ do this.

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My style (done by @Russ based on his Flat Awesome+) is already kind of middle ground between light and dark so I've always thought of a dark theme as a bit redundant. There's probably one that could be done but I have never had any demand for it, and I don't use dark themes myself (mostly, for some sites and apps I have done so).

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