XF 1.2 An add on is not visible under add ons, so cant uninstall


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I know that i am making a double thread now. I am sorry for it

But i posted in the thread http://xenforo.com/community/threads/forum-runner-ios-android-xenforo-app.30553/page-2#post-628142 a few days ago, but didnt get a response. ( And i am getting a load of errors.)

I had forum runner installed on my site. Since a few days i get a load of errors from forumrunner. I am running the latest version. Now i wanted to uninstall the add on, but the strange fenomenon is that its under the options visible, but i cant see it under the installed add ons. So i cant uninstall it.

Is it enough to delete the two tables in the database and delete the two folders?

I see two table's

xf_forumrunner_push_data and xf_forumrunner_push_users

Or should i do more to get rid of this.

Keep in mind that i am no coder. So if i have to execute an SQL statement , that will work, but i cant make the statement if there is a lot to do in SQL.

The error is :

ErrorException: Fatal Error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/***/domains/***.nl/public_html/forumrunner/include/pms.php' (include_path='/home/***/domains/***.nl/public_html/forumrunner/../library:.:.:/usr/local/lib/php') - /home/***/domains/***.nl/public_html/forumrunner/request.php:64
Generated By: Unknown Account, Today at 7:01 AM
Stack Trace

#0 [internal function]: XenForo_Application::handleFatalError()
#1 {main}

Request State

array(3) {
  ["url"] => string(43) "http://***.nl/forumrunner/request.php"
  ["_GET"] => array(0) {
  ["_POST"] => array(6) {
    ["frp"] => string(2) "ip"
    ["frv"] => string(5) "1.6.2"
    ["cmd"] => string(7) "get_pms"
    ["perpage"] => string(2) "15"
    ["folderid"] => string(1) "0"
    ["page"] => string(1) "1"
I checked if all the files are on my server, they are...


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The error indicates that a file (pms.php) is not present. Anyway, can you check the xf_content_type table in your database and see if that particular mod is listed in the addon_id field?


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The issue isn't related to the add-on entry. The--or some of the--files that apply to the add-on (at least, I assume they do), were left and they are being directly hit by requests.

Rigel Kentaurus

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Even if you delete the tables, the add-on meta-data can be all across your installation.
You would need to hit the relevant tables, i.e.

DELETE FROM xf_admin_navigation WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_admin_permission WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_code_event WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_code_event_listener WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_cron_entry WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_option WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_option_group WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_permission WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_permission_group WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_permission_interface_group WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_phrase WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_route_prefix WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_template WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';
DELETE FROM xf_option_group_relation where option_id like 'ForumRunner%';
DELETE FROM xf_addon WHERE addon_id = 'ForumRunner';