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RM 1.2 Amazon S3


We're struggling to find a place to store all of the files hosted with the Resource Manager on our site. Are there any options such as Amazon S3 or an external server we can use rather than the files being hosted on the same server as the XenForo installation?

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Perfect, cheers.

How would I go about getting the files currently stored on S3 hooked up to my XenForo though, such as downloads files and profile pictures etc?


XenForo developer
Staff member
Are those your files from IPB? You'd need to pull them back to the local server (in the correct location) so they can be imported. Otherwise, I'm not sure what files you're referring to.
Yes, the ones from the IPB Downloads Centre. Would there be a way of keeping them in S3 but converting the downloads listings from IPB to XenForo?


XenForo developer
Staff member
I suppose you could enter the S3 URL directly and just have them listed as external downloads. There isn't any conversion of the actual download records (as in, the description and so forth), so those would need to be recreated.