Add-on Amazon AWS Integration OR Just S3


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Hey all,

I'm not sure if this already exists (Although I have looked) but I am looking for a way to integrate My Xenforo Installation With Amazon AWS.

Features would include:
  1. Storing Attachments in Amazon S3 and transparently Linking to the S3 Bucket
  2. Storing Static images I.E. Avatars in the Amazon S3 Bucket and Transparently pull them.
  3. Automatically make site adjustments to Utilize CloudFront & Utilize it in conjunction with Amazon S3
  4. Make adjustments on Session Management to manage sessions behind a Load Balancer/s
Some Possible Feature too look into would be possibly integrating a way to utilize Amazon Simple DB for some of the Smaller (Non-Post) Tables. As well as ma system to back those tables up and inspect for errors and offer restore options.
Also there are many other services that AWS Offers that could be quite useful. Such as:
  • Glacier (For Older Backup's)
  • SES "Simple E-mail Service" (For Bulk E-mailing)
  • ElasticCache (Amazon Hosted MemCached System)
  • And Many Others
I think that this would be an awesome Xenforo Built Addon should they see what I think are some awesome ways to have a robust and efficient Forum System but I am not an expert. So this is what I think would create a Robust and Efficient System.

Thanks for the Consideration,