Am I the only one...


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...Who is physically incapable of making backups of his websites without finding himself humming the below song? I mean, I can't be, right?...



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:D ... I've seen a few similar ones, but yes, I can see how that might become an ear-worm if you listen to it a few times.


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LMAO...I have to say Antares did make it really possible for a whole bunch of non talented people to produce music. It's a great tool but DAMN THEM lol...but it is seriously worth every penny if you are serious about making music.

Those kind of videos are the ones that are hilarious once or twice but if you get caught in the trap of listening to it more than once it's like the last song that played on the radio before you got out of your car.


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Ha! Gotta love audio mixing. It's both hilarious...but scary. Well, scary if my site goes down and I lack a recent backup.