Am I right in thinking there are no advanced signature permissions?

Stuart Wright

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We at AVForums don't allow people to post images in signatures, we limit signatures to 4 lines and 600 characters and a smaller font size.
Is there anything like this for xenForo? Cos if not I'm going to have to organise it.
1.jpg <- vBulletin options.

Stuart Wright

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Thanks Mike. Are there any plans to enhance this in the near future or should I go ahead and have it coded? Since the WYSIWYG box is used, I guess it's not as straightforward as on vB.


XenForo developer
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Some limits are in our targets for a future release (not 1.0), but I don't know what form it would take yet.


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This limitation is fixing to start a war on one of my boards.. I went from fixing my vB4 daily to editing signatures daily. not complaining just saying.. I actually enjoy getting to edit offenders signatures. :)

Stuart Wright

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Ok I will start a new thread for people to come to a consensus on funtionality. Unless you already have specific ideas, Mike, in which case we will code those.