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Lack of Interest Always fetch RSS feeds in chronological order?

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by Despair, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Despair

    Despair Active Member

    Currently feeds are fetched five entries at a time, with those set of five entries in chronological order, but not as a whole if more than five entries need to be imported. For example, if you import a new feed with, say, 11 entries, your forum list might look like the left, ideally how it looks on the right would be preferred:

    // 3rd set          // 3rd set
    11th newest entry   1st newest entry
    // 2nd set          // 2nd set
    6th newest entry    2th newest entry
    7th newest entry    3th newest entry
    8th newest entry    4th newest entry
    9th newest entry    5th newest entry
    10th newest entry   6th newest entry
    // 1st set          // 1st set
    1st newest entry    7st newest entry
    2nd newest entry    8nd newest entry
    3rd newest entry    9rd newest entry
    4th newest entry    10th newest entry
    5th newest entry    11th newest entry
    After the initial imports, you may also run into this situation again if the feeds creates more than five entries before the next import runs. Setting to fetch the feed every 10 minutes may help for imports after the initial ones, but that's assuming your forum has enough traffic to trigger the cron? You may also get some weird import patterns if between importing the next set it just so happens a new entry is added to the feed.

    Hence, I'd like to suggest to import them in chronological order. Another thing to consider may be simply allowing admins to adjust the number of entries to fetch per import. Currently I adjusted the $_maxEntriesPerImport property to a high number, which seems to have no problems. This is also helpful for when adding a new feed, you could click import now once and add all the entries at once, without having to do it until all the entries are added. In my case, the feed I was trying had 40 entries max, and that resorted to pressing import now 8 times with threads not in chronological order vs. pressing import now once and having them all set chronologically.
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  2. Bryan

    Bryan Member


    In it's current form it doesn't work very well when starting a new feed or with busy feeds.

    An option of how many to import would be ideal.
  3. glorify

    glorify Well-Known Member

  4. Bryan

    Bryan Member

    Another suggestion: It would be nice to be able to enter the feed title during the initial setup rather than having to edit it again to change the title. Unfortunately there are many feeds out there that don't provide a title or the title is meaningless.

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