XF 1.4 Always display time in date?


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Sorry if I've missed this option(if any), I also searched and found a really old topic like 3 years or so saying it's a possible option down the road.

But I have a client who wants the time to always show and not drop off after a certain period. Currently a post will keep the time for only a certain period of time then the date is no longer shown, but rather just the date.

Require an add-on?

Thanks in advance.


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Have the same wish here.

So any known ways to show ALWAYS the time of a message? As Russ said, after a while the time is not shown anymore.



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Be aware that any edits to php files will be overwritten the next time you upgrade, so you will have to reapply them.
Thank you for this reminder.
I changed the first day of the week to monday and I see that I have to do it again now because it got overwritten.

Thanks, it worked.
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