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Altering account/post handling

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by Lilie, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Lilie

    Lilie Member


    I understand that XenForo is very versatile in being able to be modded to do anything you want it to, so here are my question(s):

    Some background: I wish to set up a forum where RPers can have seperate profiles for each character and there needs to be a methodology to "link" the accounts. It would be prohibitive to ask users to create email addresses for each character and the desired effect is to permit users to actually post as their characters, and have seperate avatar(s), profiles, etc for each character and to permit users to easily switch between characters to post with without requiring a relogin.

    Fist: Is it possible to alter the login authentication system workflow so that only usernames are accepted, not email addresses, and to permit users to register multiple accounts under the same email? If so, how would one hook a mod into the authentication and registration workflows to accomplish this?

    Secondly: is there a workflow where the user credentials can be changed, 'on the fly' (OR the attribution for the post, doesn't matter as long as the result is that the post appears to be from another user) at posting time to permit users to post as another user as long as, say the email address matches between accounts? Where is this workflow and how would one hook into it?

  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    This add-on may help:


    This allows you to link accounts and switch between them without passwords.

    I think there was another RP'er asking similar questions about multi e-mail address.

    One suggestion was to turn off e-mail verification which would allow your users to use fake e-mail addresses. Perhaps ask them to do something like charactername@yourdomain.com for their other accounts. The addresses won't mean anything in themselves, but at least it kind of achieves what you want. They will of course need to be unique, still.

    Obviously this does have implications on spam, but with decent CAPTCHAs in place, not having e-mail verification shouldn't be a huge issue. Especially when spammers typically have thousands of genuine e-mail addresses at their disposal anyway.
  3. MagnusB

    MagnusB Well-Known Member

    Email verification is not to prevent spam, but to verify email addresses. If xF did not send any system emails, email verification would be pointless. That being said, you can achieve what you want, however, you should disable system emails (not possible) or make sure the accounts with fake emails does not receive any emails...

    It would be best suited as an addon, though I don't think anything like this exist.
  4. Lilie

    Lilie Member

    Hi again,

    The desired effect is not to remove email validation, but to permit email re-use on multiple accounts. The original intent was to have users be able to create a 'regular' account, then have a series of 'character' accounts that may be posted from. The caveat is that forum software requires unique emails for accounts and how XenForo accepts email addresses in the login field, there'd be the hypothetical question "Which account to be logged into" which would be presented. Thus why "login with email address" was desired to be disabled.

    But many thanks for the suggested add-on and we will be looking into it to see if it suits our needs for at least this portion of our desired progress forward. We would definitely appreciate further input on how to accomplish this.

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