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XF 1.3 Allowable Usernames

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
I am working on a conversion, and the source database has both a "username" and a "displayname" field. I am being told by the coders that the "displayname" field cannot be used because of disallowed characters in some usernames, so instead, the "username" field was used. I can easily change this, but I am curious as to what characters are not allowed in XF by default?

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
Thanks @Mike for the reply. The converter company seemed to think that XF wouldn't allow a certain subset of characters but I could never get out of him exactly which characters caused issues, because that would be easy to change.


no comma
can't look like an e-mail address, i.e. thisguy@twothumbs.com

everything else works?