Not planned Allow us to just reference proxy images on data/ instead of proxy.php

Rigel Kentaurus

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The proxy features seems definitely useful.

I am however a little nervous of having it as a script, because then it is difficult to localize it behind a CDN.

I have done a lot of work to send scripts, css resources, and every single image to the CDN, so I can offload that to an image server that is better suited to handle this kind of requests. But enter the proxy, and if I want to use that functionality then I have to go now through the php script with the necessary overhead.

The image is already downloaded and validated as an image, saving it in data/ instead of internal_data/ and rendering the direct url directly seems like ideal. Yes, it means it could be hotlinked, but I can protect myself through .htaccess if I wanted to

Scalability wise, if I can avoid hitting my fleet of php-fpm, it saves me one thread of those, if I can avoid loading the permission system, that is another gain, and if I can offload to CDN/images server, even better.


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In general, what you're wanting isn't what the system is designed for. It's generally designed for temporary re-hosting/caching. Images can be removed at any time and refreshed if needed.

If you want a system that rewrites the actual URLs in the posts with permanent storage, that's actually a very different feature.

Rigel Kentaurus

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Thanks for the reply, Mike

For me, It's really valuable to get a reply with "No", because it gives me Green Flag to implement it myself without any concerns of functionality colliding with a future update. And I appreciate the time that you guys take reading our suggestions.