RM 1.0 Allow moderators to post updates?

It seems the only way I can update a resource posted by one of my users is to reassign the resource to myself, post the update, and reassign it back to them. This is cumbersome -- is there a way for Administrators to be given permission to post updates to resources regardless of ownership?
Also, when the resource is reassigned, the version history incorrectly lists the updates as having been submitted by the current owner, not the one who actually did the update.
That's not a bug though - it's intentional.
Just to make sure I understand, the design intention is to report a resource as updated by someone who did not update it? :confused: I can certainly understand that it works that way for a reason, but seems odd that it is the desired behavior.


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The resource and its entire history is owned by a single person/entity/company. When re-assigning it, that is all transferred.