Allow Moderator to Update Resource


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Can an admin update a resource? If so you can give some moderators restricted admin rights, i have 2 moderators with some admin rights on my forum (manual upgrading users for example).


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This would be particularly useful for us on our site as well, as we use the approval queue to manually review all submitted files before they become publicly available, and able to make small changes to files before they are actually published without the user having to resubmit again would be extremely helpful for both our staff and members.

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I'm participating on a team where - while they actually own their resources so they can delete it completely, alter the description, etc. at any time they wish - users are not allowed or supposed to upload files themselves, so we can moderate them more effectively by controlling them first for file format, structure, viruses, etc. The issue is as described above - when a moderator wants to post an update for that resource, he has to assign the resource to him for the time being, publish the update and then assign the resource back to the original user.

Also I am pretty convinced that this would just line up more with the possibilities that moderators have all across xenforo. They are pretty much able to edit and control everything and anything if they are given the correct permissions, so not being able to assign them the right to update resources that do not belong to them just feels off - especially when considering that they can easily work around this by just shifting around the resource owner and enable themselves to do pretty much everything with the resource at that point anyway, so why not give them the permission right away.


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At several websites and internal corporate sites we host documentation that is not created by the person uploading it. Also collaborative files which are created by multiple people.
So in reality the resource has no owner. Or not a single owner. Therefore updating it is also done by different people.
XenForo does not allow for multiple resource owners.

The solution to this that I have found is to let them send the file to a moderator so that he can upload the new version.


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As above, but also we often have a situation where file authors submit a resource on our site and a couple others, but then later on forget or don't bother to update it on all sites. So when our staff knows that there's a newer version of a submitted resource and the author isn't around to update it to latest version, it's infinitely faster for our staff to just do it themselves. This happens A LOT in practice.


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I can think of a very extreme use case--I think I have read of a couple of enterprising individuals having heavily reworked the Resource Manager templates so the RM can be used like a Classified Ads system. (I only mention it since I am considering it for our own forum.) If that is the case, there may be times the moderators would have to go in to modify something on the "owner's" behalf.

Even so, the posts above make a few good points. Just from having run forums and other public sites for over 20 years now, there is always a need (however slight) for moderator intervention in any content posted.