Allow certain emails to be sent


We have a forum which is run by a web hosting provider that doesn't allow us to shoot massive amounts of emails out because it's an entry-level plan. We've, therefore disabled ALL email sending using the line in the config.php. However, we want to allow selective emails to be sent involving password reset but not emails to do with notifications and watching a thread etc. We also want to remove the option for users to select receiving emails for notifications as well. Alternatively, we are ready to use a separate system for password resetting too which involves no email sending.

Please let us know if this is possible. It's a great software and we're very happy we took the plunge and bought it. All help is appreciated! Please feel free to ask me any questions if you require additional information.
It isn't possible to only allow certain email types.
It would require custom development/an add-on.
Thank you for the reply, sir. Through my initial search, I did not find any addon which could do this. Are you aware of any or this has not been attempted yet?