XF 1.4 All the message text is bold??


style properties:Message Elements

It shows bold off but the test in the post is bold. If I turn it to bold nothing changes. Italics works, sml caps works, all the over under and line-through work fine.

??? At a loss

Everthing is been reset help...

I got nothing in extra.css I did modify some ad templates but the issue was there before and I since return every thing to default.
I've taken the server down and replaced the old VB4. I'm going to reinstall the board in a couple of days. I had practiced with v 1.4.2 and had no issues. I hope this was just a blip.

The v1.4.3 still running in local mode I'd still like to figure it out.

It is in default mode with all modifications removed

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Without a link to the site, it's impossible to guess what's causing it.

I have seen malformed Notice HTML cause it, incorrectly edited templates, amongst other things.