XF 1.3 Align fixed width style left from center


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We am currently experimenting with a forum design with an all left sidebar of 320px in width and a main part of 660px

For my last tweak I need your help as I am not sure if I am doing the right thing.

What I'd like to achieve is to align the fixed width layout a tiny bit left from the center (the normal fixed width position like here on XF.com). Lets say a bit like Facebook does it: the left sidebar is present yet the focus of the user is still on the center of the screen where the main part is.

I can re-create the effect by adding 18% to the left margin of the page width controller or around 25% to the right.

Is this the correct way of doing this?


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Thanks Brogan!

Now I only need to find a way to create a cool status update widget that runs off of the page and we have a RaceBook :)