Alerts / Pop-up Notifications

Ryan Kent

Well-known member
I have a need to keep my members informed about various topics. As my forums contain many categories, I don't expect my members to review many sections, including ones I deem important. What is the best means in XF to communicate updates to our members? I don't wish to send e-mails as they often go to the junk box or otherwise left unread. I was thinking either:

1. A pop-up window which appears when visiting or logging in to the site. "New Feature! Blogs added to our forums. Click <here> to learn more." The advantage of this method is Guests can be informed as well.

2. An Alert or "mail" to the Inbox can be sent to all members. The advantage to this method would be members would be more likely to read the message, where users often just look for the "OK" button on a pop-up so they can move past it and get to the content they seek.

Are either of these methods available presently in XF? The specific need would be to control who receives these messages (i.e. all users, new users, guests, members of "permission group x", etc.)